We specialise in chemical safety, and protecting workers and the general public from danger by raising awareness on how to handle, package, transport and dispense chemicals safely and legally. One of our core activities is providing closed loop transfer systems into the industrial liquids sector for the past 30 years. From edible oils and liquid bakery ingredients, through inks and coatings and all the way to the most toxic of chemicals, we have a vast experience of providing  safe and sustainable handling solutions that benefit workers and the environment. 

During our work, it continually surprises us to see antiquated and unsafe chemical handling practices still taking place. Companies try their best to provide as safe an environment as possible for their workers by providing PPE but this is not the long term solution. From a health & safety, cost or sustainability perspective this is outdated and there are far better solutions available.

The safest, most cost effective and sustainable way to handle industrial liquids is through closed loop transfer systems, and all who learn about them welcome them as the solution they’ve been searching for. They reduce the threat of exposure to the point where practically no PPE is required anymore; they reduce spillage and waste to practically zero; and the benefits regards sustainability are many, from enabling multi trip packaging, eliminating costly waste disposal and fulfilling many of the goals of the Circular Economy system.

It is therefore our mission to channel our decades of experience to ensuring the knowledge of closed loop system technology is spread throughout the industrial liquids world. We want every company not yet using closed loop transfer to be aware of its advantage and see how adopting these systems will do nothing but benefit their company.

Furthermore we will use our expertise of the European chemical handling regulations to educate and inform how closed loop transfer systems can be used to fulfil your regulatory obligations